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The Data-led future webinar series

Data quality + security



Even today, capturing, accessing and understanding good-quality data can be an arduous and time-consuming task to get right. But with the right data-led solution, getting access to regular, high-quality data doesn’t have to be a laborious exercise.

Watch the second webinar in our data-led future series, 'Data quality + security', to discover how capturing and compiling data correctly from the outset can lead to a much more efficient overall project and infrastructure build, while keeping your information safe.

Guest panelist, James Carey, Development Project Manager at WSP, joined us to discuss how quality data and modern technology can support best-in-class masterplanning for Network Rail project, Ely, to reduce programme risk and overcome challenges.


  1. Data capture and connectivity
  2. Data processing, accessibility and visualisation
  3. Data monitoring
  4. Data curation and enrichment
  5. Data usability
  6. Data understanding
  7. Q&A with the speakers


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