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Overcoming data pain points

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the data challenges we experience today, how we can overcome these as an industry, and why data integrity and accuracy is key to the world we live in.


  1. The deluge of data: our data world today
  2. Data challenges in civil infrastructure
  3. Overcoming these data challenges as an industry
    1. Speed
    2. Accuracy
    3. Accessibility
  4. Questions & Answers
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James Fricker
Managing Director, Sensat

Driving positive business performance since 2018

Fakhar Khalid
Chief Scientist, Sensat

Spatial scientist with interest in computational intelligence

Harry-Atkinson -1
Harry Atkinson
Head of Data, Sensat

Harry co-founded Sensat, digitising the world since 2015

James Dean
CEO, Sensat

James co-founded Sensat in 2015 and is the company's CEO